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If the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. superfight actually happens, don't be surprised if you see Pierce Brosnan among the thousands of screaming Irish fans who always come out in force for the UFC superstar.

In a new interview with TMZ Sports, appropriately released on St. Patrick's Day, the Irishman and former James Bond offered his two cents on his fellow countryman's possible next challenge. Like most pundits who've weighed in on the fight, Brosnan agrees that they have to "get the money right" in order for this match to happen, however, he also has a pretty hot take on how the bout will go down.

Perhaps he's a bit biased towards the Irish star, but Brosnan thinks Mayweather has no chance against McGregor.

"Oh man, Mayweather's going to go down," Brosnan said. "He's going to go down."

While a McGregor KO is certainly a possibility, most seasoned fight fans and analysts will agree that it's going to be extremely hard for the UFC champ to finally slay the undefeated boxer. Recently, the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard even went so far as to say that McGregor "can't win" against Mayweather inside of a boxing ring.

But hey, as a former Bond, Brosnan can say what he wants.

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