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Demetrious Johnson likes his belts. Maybe even more than Conor McGregor. It's understandable, given that "Mighty Mouse" has defended his flyweight one 10 damn times in the UFC thus far, most recently squashing Wilson Reis to tie Anderson Silva's record for title defenses.

Problem is, the UFC has been a little lackadaisical when it comes to giving Johnson the belts he has earned, as he recently vented during to reporters during the media day.

I'm getting pissed off about this. So, Dana White, WME IMG — whoever's the owners, whoever writes the checks — give me eight damn belts, please. That'll make nine and if I win this one, I'll take this one home. So, I'm going to start collecting these belts. Michael Bisping has two belts and I'm just a nice guy. I'm just a company man. I come here, I fight, and they take the belt away from me. I'm like, 'alright, peace, call me when you want me to come fight again!' Now I'm seeing these guys with three belts. I'm like, I only got one and I have to share with both my kids.

Thankfully, it looks like the UFC has finally ponied up.

Either that, or the promotion pulled a real underhanded move by letting Johnson pose with all of these.

Now that that's out of the way. perhaps Johnson could start taking Todd Grisham's advice and turn heel in order to gain some new fans. It's working for Daniel Cormier, dammit!


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