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Kel Dansby

By the look of things, Paul Heyman is not only an advocate for the WWE's "Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar, but also for rapper Desiigner.

Heyman is one of the best pro wrestling managers, promoters and writers of all time. He's been a mainstay in pro wrestling for the better part of three decades and shows no rust when on the microphone.

That's why it comes as no surprise that a charismatic and eccentric rapper like Desiigner would ask Heyman to grace his concert with an appearance. Heyman introduced the MC during his New York City stop of his "Life of Desiigner" tour at Playstation Theater last night.

Desiigner is quite the pro wrestling fan. He recently posted a photo with himself and The Rock. The two look to be having an amazing time together and Desiigner even referred to The Rock as "Biig Bro."

"Biig Bro" Dwayne Johnson and Uncle Paulie in back-to-back nights is a dream scenario for most pro wrestling fans, but it's nothing new for Desiigner.

Heyman has been seen hanging out with Desiigner before, the two had lunch last Summer and Desiigner was proclaimed a "Paul Heyman Guy."

WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar is on hiatus from television until sometime in the summer. That leaves Heyman with a lot of free time on his hands for random appearances.

I think we speak for all pro wrestling fans when we say, there's no such thing as too many Paul Heyman promos.


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