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Scottish fighter called out on Twitter earlier today and his request hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

Speaking exclusively to, Felder answered the Scotsman’s call for a showdown at on July 16 and said he’d love nothing more than to face Ray in his own backyard.

“Firstly, let me just say that the date works perfect for me,” Felder said. “Secondly, Scotland looks a cool place and it’s a place that I need to visit and fight in front of those fans. Those guys are all about it when it comes to the UFC—they like people to throw down, and we’d certainly do that. We tried to get something going with Diakiese, but that didn’t happen for whatever reason—I don’t even blame that guy. He tried to get some more money to fight a top level guy or a veteran and he didn’t get it. That’s why I think he’s fighting someone more on the pay scale that he’s at.”

Felder thinks a showdown with Ray could easily main event the Glasgow show and that their styles would make for an exciting matchup. Suffice to say, the man from Philly thinks the two of them could be walking away from the SSE Hydro with a bonus after it’s all said and done.

“I don’t care about that fight [Diakiese] any more, the fight with Stevie Ray is the one I want to happen now,” Felder said. “That guy is all about martial arts and he’s someone I respect. I’d love it if we could throw down in front of that crowd—it’s got bonuses written all over it in my opinion. This is a main event is it not? Stevie is there guy and no doubt the atmosphere will be special. I want to finally get on one of these big spots on a smaller card. I know I’m not ranked yet and I haven’t got the buzz behind me, but I do think me and Stevie could easily main event a Fight Pass event like Glasgow. He wants it, I want it and I hope the fans want it.”

While his focus is now solely on Ray, Felder explained what happened with the Diakiese fight. He also revealed that he’d been offered a fight on the upcoming UFCStockholm show, but that fight had also fallen through.

“Look, we talked to the UFC about it and I talked to my manager and my coach,” Felder said, speaking about the potential fight with Diakiese. “We thought it was a great time to get him. He’s on the rise with a few fights behind him, so we said that we’d like that fight. We said let’s do Glasgow or UFC International Fight Week. Sean Shelby was working on it, but then, the next thing I heard, he was offering me another fight against David Teymur in Stockholm, but then he wasn’t able to take that either. I don’t know officially what happened with Diakiese, but I would imagine his team turned the fight down. I went after him a little bit on Twitter, but I can’t say I know exactly what happened. All I know is we said yes. Maybe it will happen in the future.”

With that all now in the past, Felder is now set on getting the fight with Ray. Should the UFC agree and put the fight together, Felder says the Scottish fans will be in for a treat on July 16.

“Look, I’m cool calm and collected, but I’ve got that "come get some" style and I leave it all in there,” Felder said. “I’m training with Duke [Roufus] now. He’s just helping me piece everything together. The Scottish fans can expect a stand-up war and I think Stevie Ray would be one of the best dancing partners out there for that.”

Ray wants the fight, Felder wants the fight and the fans want fight. It’s all eyes on Sean Shelby now to see if everyone gets their wish.


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