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Ammy Fighter training out of Bullard Wrestling and Halo BJJ
Paul Elizondo

My background is in , so when I made the move to MMA, it was pretty obvious that I'd be utilizing those techniques to be successful in the cage. So far it's paid off for me. I just became the state champion, despite being the underdog, and I used this move (among many others of course) to defeat my opponent.

Here's one of my favorite wrestling moves, paired with stand-up, often used in MMA fights.

I will teach you each step below so you can try it the next time you are on the mats.

This is a combo to a takedown, something that , an gold medalist, and UFC fighter, executes perfectly when he fights in the Octagon.

Step One: Throw a Double Jab to Distract Your Opponent

You're going to want to throw a double jab to keep your opponent distracted.

Step Two: Throw a Cross, Then Step Your Right Leg Back

After you throw the cross, you'll want to step your right leg back to set up the double leg takedown.

Step Three: Lunge for the Double Leg

Once you have a hold of both of his legs, you'll want to follow through his body by either taking him down or picking him up and carrying him to your side of the cage.

Double legs come naturally to me because I am a wrestler, but in an MMA fight, we are not in the wrestling stance, we are are in a fight stance. So you have to be careful if you don't get your opponent to react to your first move (the double jab) you could easily catch a knee or an uppercut. Once he puts his hands up to cover the jabs and the cross, that's when you should go for the takedown.

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