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Combat sports stars landing roles in big movies isn't a new concept. Former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre once played a bad guy opposite , and ex- star Dave Bautista is currently cruising around the universe with his pals as Drax. But will Paige VanZant be the next fighter to show up in the MCU?

Well, if the strawweight contender had it her way, the answer would be a definitive yes. Ahead of her bout against Michelle Waterson at this weekend, VanZant spoke to Fox Sports about her career aspirations outside of the Octagon. The Dancing with the Stars runner-up revealed that she's interested in bringing her talents as an actress to a Marvel movie or television show.

"I would love that," VanZant told Fox Sports. "That would be huge to be a Marvel character, be a superhero or be somebody that's a bad ass and it would be a girl, too, so I would love to get in a show like that."

Although the 22-year-old is still a rookie when it comes to the acting game, she's hopeful that a chance to rub shoulders with the likes of the will come at some point down the road.

"I'm saying it — I want to be a Marvel character. I want to be a superhero!" VanZant said.

If you're wondering what VanZant would look like donning a superheroic outfit, artist Alejandro Murillo created an image of what she would look like if she took up Captain America's mantle.

Move over Bucky and Falcon, maybe VanZant's the right person for the job of the Star-Spangled Avenger once Steve Rogers calls it quits. She already knows how to kick butt, after all.

What Marvel superhero would you want to see Paige VanZant play? Let us know in the comments below.


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