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It looks like Conor McGregor has another fighting fan in his old stomping grounds.

Liverpudlian is Cage Warriors' current biggest star, and has already managed to get his hands on the promotion's featherweight title. The same belt that was once held by none other than Conor McGregor.

The title been a rite of passage into the UFC for its three most recent owners - Alex Enlund, Jim Alers and Conor McGregor - and Paddy “The Baddy” wants to replicate their success.

Touted as being five times bigger than a Cage Warriors era Conor McGregor by Graham Boylan, the CEO of Cage Warriors and Intensiti Fighter Management, Pimblett has already started down the same path as his Cage Warriors championship brethren.

Predicting a knockout win for Conor McGregor at , Pimblett is the latest fighter to share his opinion on the upcoming lightweight championship fight.

Although a fan of McGregor, the Cage Warriors champ has already claimed to have the ability to beat the UFC’s featherweight champion. The twenty-one year-old was already speaking about becoming a two-division UFC champion long before the UFC 205 matchup against Alvarez was announced, attempting to follow in the footsteps of “Mystic Mac.”

It may seem like an outlandish claim, but then again, so did the claim of a relatively unknown Cage Warriors Conor McGregor when he said he would be the man to dismantle Jose Aldo.


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