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If you haven't heard of the Patrick "Paddy the Baddy" Pimblett, it's high time you do.

The floppy-haired, young, Owen Hart lookalike has been making waves across the ocean. Pimblett is on an eight-fight win steak and just won the Cage Warriors Fighting Championship Featherweight title this past September, and he did it in a minute and thirty-five seconds.

At just 21-years-of-age, this bombastic "scouser" from Liverpool has unlimited potential for the future. However, Cage Warriors CEO Graham Boylan claims Pimblett has already surpassed Conor McGregor's level of fame when he was in Cage Warriors.

"Honestly, Paddy is about four or five times bigger than Conor [McGregor] was as a Cage Warriors champion,” Boylan said to Severe MMA.

“Conor was huge when he was with Cage Warriors. He had a huge fan base, but Paddy, with just one belt, has the most phenomenal following we’ve ever seen," Boylan said. "He’s got a whole city behind him. When you think back to when Conor was in Cage Warriors and you compare Paddy to him, Paddy is definitely a bigger name than he was.”

Surely capitalizing on the popularity of Pimblett and what is to be the most historic UFC card ever, Pimblett will defend his CWFC Featherweight title before UFC 205 on Fight Pass.

“We thought that if Conor is going to make history by becoming the first two weight world champion in UFC," Boylan said. "Wouldn’t it be great to have a warm up act featuring Cage Warriors, the place where he first became a two-weight world champion?"

The booking strategy might also be a subconscious move, considering that Pimblett was already heavily rumored to sign with the UFC before renewing with Cage Warriors. He even appeared on the MMA Hour where Ariel Helwani constantly tried to squeeze the news out of him. Boylan seems to know that it is only a matter of time before Pimblett gets the call, if he hasn't already.

“I think we all know that Paddy is going to be in the UFC someday, but when he goes in there, he’s going to be a superstar already," Boylan said. "He won’t be going in there to become one because, at 21 years of age, he is already the star of European MMA."

Just watch the chaos of love that ensued after Pimblett won the CWFC Featherweight title.


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