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Throughout his illustrious career, John Cena's catchphrase was "You Can't See Me" (picture hand waving in front of his face). When it comes to mainstream attention, that's all likely to change really soon. We're going to see a lot of him.

will host this weekend, in what could be a breakthrough moment for a guy who has been on the cusp of massive mainstream stardom for the past few years.

Cena has had a big 2016 already. He hosted the ESPY Awards and the Teen Choice Awards and made guest appearances on The Today Show. Still, SNL will serve as the biggest stage yet for the 15-time world champion to show off his comedic skills.

Cena fans already know that if his comedy catches fire, his popularity will spin out of control and he could be competing with for best pro wrestler-turned-actor in Hollywood. He's a funny guy, and has already showcased his skills on television several times. In anticipation of Cena's "Ed Sullivan Show" moment, let's look at some of his funniest moments.

The 2016 ESPY Awards

Cena made fun of himself, and then made fun of the athletes in the room.

"Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, they retired this year. Let's give it up for two of the all-time greats. Now Peyton and Kobe's final games had a couple things in common. They were both unforgettable and almost no passing. Kobe, my man. What a career! Yeah, yes! I am excited too. I want to run right down there and give you a high 5. I just really feel like you'd miss the first dozen attempts."

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Colbert: "I love that suit."

Cena: "There's a reason behind this. Well, this is the color of our brand new program on the USA Network, Smackdown Live!"

Colbert: "It's just blue. Blue is the color. That blue?"

Cena: "It is this blue, but it also shows that a guy my age, at 39 years old, every once in awhile, can still blue himself."

The Tonight Show with The Jimmy Fallon

Just watch. John Cena sings Adele, and kills his inner child.

Live With Kelly

Cena and Michael Strahan engage in a rap battle. Cena, of course, got his start as a freestyle rapper. Let's just say that he destroys Strahan, who put up a good fight.

"See I'm a game you don't want to play, man. I'm John Cena. You just a chump Michael Strahan. And this Sunday, I got match at a PPV called Battleground. And thunder and lightning (holds up fists) will make your cranium get that rattle sound."

Maya & Marty: John Cena Impersonates Hulk Hogan

Cena kills it in this sketch of a proposed reality show on Hulk Hogan's battle with Gawker. Is there anything this guy can't do?

Expect Cena to deliver a Wrestlemania-like performance on Saturday Night Live.


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