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Jason Nawara

Another day, another member of the boxing world giving their two cents on Conor McGregor's recent acquisition of a California boxing license. This time, it's the legendary Oscar De La Hoya who tipsily navigates his way through an interview with TMZ, saying first and foremost:

De La Hoya has developed quite the post-fight career for himself as a promoter, and even though it looks like this is a post-club interview and a pre-bedtime De La Hoya, he still puts on his best face as a hype man for his young champion and turns the drama up to eleven.

De La Hoya even sends an invitation to the UFC's former two-division champ to witness Bernard Hopkins' last fight on December 17th in Inglewood, California against Joe Smith Jr.

See, notice how De La Hoya gets both Canelo Alvarez's and Golden Boy Promotions partner B-Hop's name out there?

Now, since every fighter is calling out McGregor, there's this guy named Gennady Golovkin who is waiting to fight Canelo Alvarez, Oscar. We'd love to hear more on that.

While you consider that dream matchup, think about the violence that would take place with Canelo Alvarez and Conor McGregor in a ring.


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