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One of the greatest grapplers in MMA finally suffered a loss after putting together a nine-fight win streak across four years in three weight classes.

Shinya Aoki, also known as the "Baka Survivor," was the lightweight champion in ONE Fighting Championship until this morning. He met Eduard Folayang who ended the fight in the third round with a barrage of punches that answered a misplaced shot.

With pants containing every color Picasso ever painted with and his spindly little limbs, Aoki would grapevine and pretzel his opponents into submission, striking fear into fighters across Planet Earth. The arm-breaking hammerlock he performed on Mizuto Hirota even made it into our Top 10 Ridiculous Submissions.

His last loss was actually to the current UFC lightweight champion, . At Bellator 66, Alvarez would his revenge on Aoki for submitting him with a heel hook to win the WAMMA lightweight title at Dynamite!! 2008.

In a career that saw him earn the Shooto welterweight title, as well as the WAMMA, DREAM, and ONE (all places that put their names in all caps) lightweight titles, Aoki has nothing to be ashamed of in his most recent loss. Although, you have to think he may have gotten the win had he been able to wear his magical rainbow submission pants.

Watch the entire fight between Aoki and Folayang below.


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