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It's the inevitable question that arises around this time every year:

Who is going to win the WWE Royal Rumble?

If you are a betting man, apparently you better gamble on The Demon King, according to a pro wrestling betting analysis blog.

The buzz in the air is that the injured will return and win the in San Antonio, Texas. The winner of the Rumble typically receives a shot at the title at Wrestlemania.

Balor defeated Seth Rollins at Summerslam in August to become the company's first WWE Universal Champion. However, Balor suffered a labrum tear and was forced to give up the title the following night on Monday Night Raw. Balor's underwent successful surgery and was scheduled to be out 4-6 months, which would have put him out until early 2017. Perhaps the oddsmakers know something we don't and there's a reason why Balor is pegged to win the Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania.

Balor, a former NXT champion, was one of the company's rising stars at the time of his injury. He is popular with the fans and has one of the most dramatic ring entrances in professional wresting history.

Despite the rumor that Balor might be winning the Royal Rumble, anything is possible in the WWE. Currently, Balor is a 3/1 favorite while Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins are both listed at 4/1. NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, who has yet to be called up to the main roster, is a 7/1 favorite according to the Web site.


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