ByElias Cepeda, writer at
Elias Cepeda

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s champ may be scoffing at the idea of his boxing UFC champ Conor McGregor (even though the rumor very well may have come from them, originally, months ago) but that hasn't stopped Westgate Resort In Las Vegas from setting odds on the hypothetical match up. SportsCenter has reported that McGregor is listed as a big underdog in a hypothetical boxing contest against the retired multi-division boxing champ

Mayweather Jr. is listed as a -2500 favorite to McGregor's +1100 underdog line. That seems about right. If McGregor boxes Mayweather, he's likely getting worked, just as Mayweather Jr. wouldn't have much of a shot against Conor in a kickboxing, MMA or one-on-one street fight.

If you're looking for an underdog pick to throw your money away on, McGregor may be your guy. Of course, the real underdog is this fight's chances of ever happening.


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