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Covers mixed martial arts and professional wrestling and the convergence of the two industries.
Josh Molina

Damn, NXT does everything well.

The crew at the WWE Performance Center has nailed "The Mannequin Challenge," the hottest new craze sweeping the internet.

The two minute-plus video at times feels a little creepy, a little sexy, and a lot crazy. Part dreamscape, part apocalyptic, part fantasy, part bizarre, NXT again, even in frozen poses, is cutting edge.

And anything with Shinsuke Nakamura in it is cool. Wait for it, though. Don't miss it.

Can we just flip Raw and NXT right now? You put NXT on Monday Nights, we're talking "Glorious" TV ratings.

Maybe the WWE Raw brand can try to one-up the NXT group with its own Mannequin Challenge. I mean, who wouldn't want to see The New Day freeze permanently so we never have to watch one of the terrible comedy sketches again.


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