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Many, many, MANY hurdles need be crossed before UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor can face undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, but it looks like one of those hurdles may have just been cleared.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission's chief, Bob Bennett, has given the green light for the potential fight — even before a contract has been signed.

“It’s definitely an approvable fight,” Bennett told Boxing News. “This isn’t the first time something like this has happened; it is a bit of an anomaly, it’s unusual because both fighters are phenomenal fighters."

Many have wondered if a fight of this caliber would be sanctioned by and now we know — it would.

Bennett used a bout from the late 50's as an example of a man making a pro debut against an established boxer.

“But back in August of 1957 Floyd Patterson fought Pede Rademacher," he said. "Rademacher was making his pro debut, and they fought for the world heavyweight title. Patterson won by KO in the sixth round. So even though this would be Conor’s pro debut as a boxer, there is some precedence, but this would be the first time we see two fighters at this level, one from the MMA world and one from boxing, having a fight.”

Bennett says he will also take into account 's past fight history, including championship titles in multiple weight classes in .

“He’s a stand-up fighter, he’s a southpaw, he hits like a tonne of bricks, he’s got a great jaw, he’s 5’ 9 ’’ and he’s got a reach of 74 inches," he said "If you take a look at his wins in the UFC, they’re predominantly from striking [punching], and if you take a look at the fact he was able to move from 145[lbs] to 155 to 170, he’s displayed some awesome unarmed combat skills."

Although the NSAC seems on board for this fight, there are still contract negotiations that need to be worked out between , McGregor and the UFC.

“I think there’s incredible buzz and electricity going on between the MMA world and the boxing world, they want to see these two fight each other,” Bennett said.

McGregor first needs to obtain a boxing license in the state of Nevada, which he is eligible for now that he's paid his recently reduced $25,000 fine. Despite there not being a contract, McGregor has already begun preparing for the fight.


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