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Justin Golightly

Eagle-eyed ninjas will remember that pics of Nick and Nate Diaz surfaced last year with them hanging out with food nomad, Anthony Bourdain. It took seven months for Bourdain to wrap up his adventures, but the new season of Parts Unknown finally premiered with the Diaz brother's featured in the first episode. Even Gilbert Melendez was there to partake in the seafood, beer, and probably get smoked out.

Before the glorious meeting of minds, Bourdain waxed poetically about while narrating over footage from the two Conor McGregor fights. Even he thinks they are going to complete their trilogy after McGregor "ran like a scared deer" to win the last decision.

It was a rare glimpse into the lives of UFC's Stockton soldiers. The Diaz brothers along with Melendez sat — presumably stoned — and got to rap with Bourdain about their lives over seafood and cans of Tecate. reminisced about fighting in the 6th grade over foul balls. Both brothers admitted to growing up on macaroni and cheese with hot dogs cut up in it. Neither are vegetarian anymore. The segment wasn't even five minutes long, then again it wouldn't be enough even if it were five hours.


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