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Nate Diaz was issued a public warning by USADA for admitted use of Cannabidiol (CBD), a prohibited substance, while in competition, according to a press release posted October 6. During the post-fight press conference for UFC 202, Diaz could be seen vaping from a pen that he admitted contained Cannabidiol.

In addition, the in-competition urine and blood samples provided by Diaz before his admitted use were analyzed and reported as negative for all prohibited substances, including cannabinoids. Based on these circumstances, USADA determined that a public warning was an appropriate response to Diaz’s use of a specified substance during the in-competition period.

In the release issued today, USADA stated that they believed Diaz "mistakenly believed that the in-competition period ended after he provided a post-bout sample." After the fighter admitted to his use of CBD during the press conference, USADA has decided to not pursue further disciplinary action, handing him a public warning instead of a ban.

During the post-fight press conference, Diaz explained how the vape pen did not include any illegal substance, and that CBD was used to help speed up his recovery and reduce inflammation. Diaz passed both his pre-fight and post-fight drug tests with the Nevada State Athletic Commission for UFC 202.

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