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One of the many great things about being an MMA fan is how quickly you begin to notice the sport's teachings and techniques play out in the world around you – be it in movies, TV shows, other sports, or simply everyday life. It's like cracking into the Matrix, in that once you've seen it, it becomes all you can see.

Case in point: Sunday's brawl between NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch and Joey Logano.

In the closing moments of the Kobalt 400, it seems that Busch took umbrage with Logano after being spun out by what commentators later deemed an "unintentional" collision. Regardless, Busch decided that it would be best to let his fists do the talking when confronting Logano on pit road, leading to an all-out brawl between himself and members of Logano's crew.

But what may have looked like a sloppy rollaround in the hay (asphalt) to the untrained eye was actually something much more complex to anyone who's ever watched MMA before. Oh yes, there were some legitimate techniques on display here, which is clearly why Nascar went so far as to provide a "Tale of the Tape" for what should be the sport's next great rivalry. So without further ado...

Let's take a look at how round 1 played out.

It may be tough to make out at first – what with everyone involved in the brawl wearing the same yellow-colored jumpsuits and all – but if you freeze the video at the 33 second mark, you can clearly see Busch attempting to pass from side control to full mount on the member of Logano's he had chosen to throw hands with. Problem is, Busch forgot to control his opponent's body weight by squaring up his legs perpendicularly with said opponent's body before working his pass, which in turn caused him to wind up in that overturned turtle situation you see seconds later.

Now here's where it gets really interesting. After botching the guard pass following an admittedly solid single leg takedown, Busch nearly winds up falling right into a rear-naked choke compliments of the anonymous Logano crew member. Don't believe me? Skip to the 1:17 mark for the replay, where you can quite clearly see THIS.

A man clinging to his opponent for dear life, or a secret assassin setting up a fight-ending choke? I can't say for sure, but it's definitely the latter.

Of course, things only get worse for Busch when a second member of Logano's crew grabbed for an armbar in the closing moments of the scrap (quite amateurishly, I might add). Had Busch gotten in a few lessons with the great Ryron Gracie, I have no doubts that he would have submitted both men with almost comical ease, but that's for another day.

So who won?

This might be a bit of a hot take here, but based on the evidence (and the fact that Logano allowed himself to be dragged away from the action with that ridiculously avoidable double underhook back take), I really have no choice but to declare Kyle Busch the winner via TKO (forfeit). Bloodied though he may have been, the veteran driver really showed promise in the ground game here despite a couple rookie mistakes, and should prove to be more than the babyfaced Logano is capable of handling when these two meet again at the Winston Black & Decker Budweiser O'Reilly Auto Parts 500 (sponsored by Geico) next week.


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