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Linton Vassell

Let’s get this right. I do not eat cheesecake before the weigh in.

I wish I could, but no. No not leading up to weigh in. That’s after.

I don’t have any particular fight week superstitions. But, I do have a routine. I have a list, and I stick to that.

At this point, all the training’s been done. I usually stop sparring within two weeks anyway, and all I do is keep sharp, hit pads, the ground bag, and grapple with the boys, just maintaining what I’ve already built up for the last eight weeks.

I pretty much just stay healthy and make sure I’m not too dehydrated, even though I am honestly trying to cut weight. I have my list, so I know I’m getting the right fluids leading up to the actual weight cut.

My list includes a specific formula for water loading, so Saturday will be like seven liters, which is two gallons, and the next day it will go to a gallon and a half and so on, and so on.

There’s also a food list. I’ve been doing it for years, although I tweak it now and then. But I always rehydrate and get the carbs in me by a certain point in time. Cheesecake is also on that list, and it has a set time for me to eat it. I love that time.

Before I signed with Bellator, I didn’t always have a list. Back then I was even trying to cut weight by eating potatoes and baked beans. I didn’t know what I was doing whatsoever, I just thought ‘oh, potato is healthy, beans isn’t too bad’ and when it came to the actual weigh in day, it took me about four hours to make the weight. It doesn’t take me that long at all now.


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