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Matt Juul

Action movie fans haven’t seen Jackie Chan like this before.

The Academy Award-honored actor and martial arts icon is set to show off his dramatic chops in The Foreigner, a new thriller that’ll debut in theaters later this fall. In the flick, Chan plays a distraught father who’s on the hunt for terrorists who killed his daughter during a bombing.

Chan’s character ends up butting heads with former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan, a government official who may or may not know the identities of the people responsible for the girl’s death. Chan seems to think Brosnan knows more than he’s saying, which is why he won’t stop pestering him for information.

Now, longtime fans know that Chan has some amazing on screen moves, but he seems to be channeling his inner John Wick in this new thriller.

Check out the full trailer for The Foreigner below.


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