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Some of the biggest names in MMA joined together to announce the creation of the Mixed Martial Artists Athletes Association (MMAAA) — a group aimed at protecting fighter's rights as contractors of the UFC.

The two-hour conference call took place mid-afternoon on Wednesday, and the fallout is still thick with fighters and fans reacting to the potentially historic creation of the association.

The UFC even commented on the unveiling.

We broke down a few of the quotes we felt were most important for you to know in case you don't have two extra hours to listen to the whole call.

On what sort of retaliation the fighters could face in coming forward:

"There is law after law after law that prohibits employers from retaliating against people in this fashion." - Bjorn Rebney, former Bellator CEO

On the goal of the association:

"One of the efforts in addition to compensation, in addition to the healthcare, the pensions, helping the hurt fighters from the past — It's also to professionalize the sport." - Tim Kennedy, UFC fighter

On the pay divide between UFC favorites and newcomers:

"Conor McGregor still doesn't have his fair share of what he should have and I am saying this from the TUF competitor to Conor McGregor. They do not have their fair share." -Georges St-Pierre, Former UFC welterweight champion

On the fate of the sport without an association:

"MMA was very good to me and I think [MMAAA] is an opportunity to dramatically improve the sport. This is the cold hard truth: We will not continue to have MMA as a sport if these things don't change." - Bjorn Rebney

On how one fighter hopes the UFC will react to the news:

"We want to be a team with the UFC and have that pride and be able to look back and say they took care of me." - Donald Cerrone, UFC fighter

On the importance of support from the fans:

"The fans needs to understand that there has been a huge travesty — that there is a void. If I was a fan, and I wasn't fighting, I don't know if I could watch another fight knowing the repercussions of what happens to these athletes after the fact. The fans need to get behind this." -Tim Kennedy, UFC Fighter

To find out more information on the MMAAA please visit their website.


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