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California Xtreme Fighting Middleweight Champion
Moses Murrietta

Almost a decade ago, I stepped into a gym to try out for a fight team. I had no fight experience before then, but they were offering free tuition if you made the team, and I knew I wanted to at least give it a shot.

When I got there, I met Brady Fink, and he asked me if I wanted to be a fighter. I said "Yes." Then he asked, "Would you punch your mom in the face to be a fighter?" I, of course, said "No." He shook his head in disappointment and said, "This isn't for you then."

Needless to say I made the team.

That's the humor of Brady. Luckily, I get it, and we have been friends ever since.

I'm undefeated as both an amateur and professional under Brady; that's the way it's always been. He was there when I won my CAMO state title, and later when I won the belt. I anticipate him being by my side for my entire career.

When Brady decided to leave the gym where we originally met, I followed him without hesitation. I was living pretty far from the new gym. Regardless, I moved my whole life to Orange County to put all of my effort into fighting. Brady has since opened his own gym, , where I currently train.

The fighter is an extension of his coach, and Brady is a world class coach. He has a strategic mind, he's extremely knowledgeable in hand-to-hand combat, and a world-class BJJ black belt. He's also my mentor and my family.

Moses Murrietta
Moses Murrietta
Moses Murrietta
Moses Murrietta

So, if I'm going to go into combat and lay my life down before me time and time again, he's the best choice of a comrade to go into battle with.

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