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Matt Juul

Supermodel Gigi Hadid was forced to use some of her martial arts training during a scary situation at Milan Fashion Week.

A deranged man grabbed Hadid and picked the model up as she was walking towards her car after leaving a show. Luckily, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has been training in boxing for a while and was able to defend herself with a perfect elbow to the street harasser's face.

Although it's clear Hadid had a legitimate reason to defend herself, some in the media gave the model flak for her actions. Thankfully, the good people of Twitter had Hadid's back, which she greatly appreciated.

The star then posted a message thanking her boxing coach, along with a reminder to her female fans that they have every right to defend themselves.

Actress Anna Kendrick also tweeted out her support for Hadid and complemented the star on her for her Jon Jones-esque elbow.

One last friendly reminder: Don't mess with Gigi, because she's a badass.

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