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In the world of mixed martial arts, every knockout is truly its own, unique, unconsciousness-inducing snowflake. From time to time, however, we are gifted a KO that truly defies the odds, our expectations, or even the common laws of physics. That's what the 'Insane KO of the Day' is all about.

Today's KO: Your Own Worst Enemy (aka the imaginary banana peel self-ecution)

You guys, this is getting out of hand. Yesterday I wrote about the first ever instance of a supernatural mind bullet knockout ever captured on film, and not 10 minutes after doing so, I was sent the above video on Twitter (did you know that you can recommend candidates for the Insane KO of the Day by messaging either myself or Champions on Twitter? Because you totally can and should start doing that moving forward k thx.) claiming to be the first "imaginary banana peel KO" ever captured on film.

In light of my recent discovery that supernatural, airbending Highlanders actually do exist, I put aside my skepticism for a moment and watched. And, holy cow you guys, it's legit.

Yep, you saw that correctly. My dude straight up slipped on an imaginary banana peel while throwing that high kick and could not stick the landing. From a physical standpoint, this might be the most impressive knockout we've seen thus far on IKOTD, in that the force which ultimately caused the knockout was not one of brute, technical, or centrifugal nature, but simply gravity. It's incredible how the teachings of Sir Isaac Newton are still being proven day-after-day in the year 2017 (or at least 2014, when this video was posted), and for that I award this video with the highest honor imaginable: this gif.

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