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Justin Golightly

The sport of MMA is just like ice cream. Alright, that sounds ridiculous, but stay with me here. You can't just go around all your life eating only chocolate or vanilla ice cream, sure those are delicious, but why miss out on a billion other flavors? is insane, has awarded us with beautiful highlights lately, and now ROAD FC has a qualifier for their huge money tournament that you can watch for free. ..And what better time to try a different ice cream than Ben & Jerry's free cone day? We'll even give you free samples.

A first round, standing guillotine submission might be enough to wet your appetite. Definitely didn't have to worry about an early stoppage there! Sometimes, seeing a guy get slumped from a violent choke is as much as fight fans need to risk a watch. However, if you need more variety...

Don't you want to see this dude fight!?

Probably the most anticipated thing about ROAD FC's event, is the debut of Yoshiko. You've probably never heard of her, but she's a former Japanese professional wrestler who has perfected a mean scowl. She became infamous after she legitimately beat the crap out of Act Yasukawa in a wrestling match. We're talking a lot of blood, and evidently injuries that required serious surgery. Yoshiko was banned from pro wrestling afterwards, so now she starts her MMA Career.

You see, ROAD FC has a little something for everyone no matter what you like, and expanding your horizons is always good. After a pretty unanimous lackluster , this may be the perfect change to try out another brand. You can watch over seven hours of MMA directly below.


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