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If you found yourself watching that video of an MMA fighter destroying a Tai Chi master earlier this week and wondering if it could possibly get any weirder, then boy do we have the development for you!

Yes, it turns out that the video, which featured MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong utterly annihilating Wei Lei in less than 10 seconds, has caused quite a stir in China regarding the effectiveness of traditional martial arts against MMA. And though we've all seen just how devastating Tai Chi in particular can be in the proper context, Xu has only added fuel to the fire by placing an open challenge to martial arts masters across China to face him in one-on-one combat.

And among those who have become enraged by Xu's actions, as it turns out, is none other than Chen Sheng, a multimillionaire entrepreneur and founder of the Tiandi No. 1 drinks company.

Sheng, who's also known as the "the king of pork" in his native Guangzhou, has responded to Xu's challenge by offering 10 million yuan to anyone who can defeat the MMA fighter and “defend the dignity” of traditional martial artists. Said Chen in an interview with the South China Morning Post:

The bet will be spread across 5 fights, with the winner of each bout pocketing 1.5 million yuan (US$218,000) and the loser 500,000 yuan. Should Xu manage to defeat all (or any) of the challengers, Sheng has agreed to give him the entirety of the purse.

The crux of Sheng's issue with Xu seems to be not just the way in which he defeated a master, but the way in which he went about making the fight happen (mainly, by talking a whole lot of trash online about traditional martial arts being "a lie").

Xu, however, isn't backing down.

“[I] crack down on fake things, because they are fake. Fake things must be eliminated. No question,” Xu, told the Global Times.

Only time will tell if any other master martial artists step forward to take the challenge. In the meantime, can we all just take a moment to appreciate MMA for creating a scenario that can be summed up in the headline I've provided? You won't see anything like that happening in the NFL or NBA, that's for sure!


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