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Justin Golightly

Whenever something bizarre, controversial, or just plain weird happens inside the cage, the go-to phrase is 'sometimes these things happen in MMA.' At Conquer Fighting 3 though, something happened that even the organization couldn't muster words to describe. Fard Mohammed and Windson Ramos had a wild fight that they didn't want to end anytime soon, even at the orders of the referee.

If the illegal knee wasn't enough, these two went at it like brothers mauling each other while their dad fends them off. Props for basically finishing that takedown despite a double fence grab and the ref getting in the way. Any dude with siblings will fondly remember smacking their little bro behind their mom's back as she tries to get you to stop, but that kind of stuff doesn't fly in an MMA Fight. Well, at least not usually without copious warnings. Unfortunately, Mohammad and Ramos just went too far.


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