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Justin Golightly

If you haven't noticed in Instagram pictures or in one of Sage Northcutt's awesome Tweets, his entire family look like ripped models. Those muscles aren't just for aesthetics either, his sister Colbey Northcutt has racked up a three fight win streak on the amateur circuit and a ridiculous list of martial arts tournament wins herself. She decided to break into the professional ranks at Legacy Fighting Alliance 14 tonight, unfortunately it didn't go as planned.

The first round was the same, crisp, Karate striking that is seen when any Northcutt are at their best. Much like her brother though, it seemed that the ground game was her downfall. Courtney King was working on a rear naked choke and frustrated Northcutt by constantly switching from a crank to a choke. Finally, King just decided to start pounding. Flattened out and covering her head with her hands, the ref saw Northcutt wasn't defending herself so he stopped the fight.


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