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It seems like almost every MMA fighter you see in the cage has body art.

A quick search on the internet will conjure up hundreds of results on mixed martial body art. Whether it be Antonio Silva's giant footprint on his back, or Conor McGregor's king gorilla, there are many tattoos to choose from.

From the tame to the insane, check out five unique tattoos from these MMA fighters.

Matt Horwich

You've got a guy here who called himself "The Multiverse Surfing Sabretooth River Dolphin." I'm not even kidding. Here is the video of him explaining it. So, it would be no surprise that Matt Horwich has a tattoo of a pencil with a face that is singing out of its eraser. It's out there, it makes no sense, but it is totally awesome.

Alan Belcher

Alan Belcher's infamous Johnny Cash tattoo would always get a mention on air whenever he fought. Its odd angle and the warbled nature of it will always go on any MMA tattoo list. Michael Bisping even tried to use the tattoo to insult Belcher in the past, but a Cash tattoo is a classic, even if it looks like a sticker that got an air bubble in it when you tried to put it on.

Paulo Filho

Yeah, that's right. Paulo Filho has the Mike Tyson face tattoo. First made popular by Mike Tyson, then made popular by the movie "The Hangover," and now made popular again by this article, the face tattoo takes a special kind of commitment from a special kind of guy. Hopefully, one day, a coffee table book will come out that will be just a collection of people who have Tyson's face tattoo.

Colin Fletcher

Besides looking exactly like Baraka from Mortal Kombat, Colin Fletcher has something else scary about him. Fletcher has what appears to be an alien spider, or perhaps the Facehugger from Alien tattooed on his chest. This seems to be accentuated by the webs climbing up his forearms. This also may show his soft side. After all, isn't the body of the spider its heart?

Aleksander Emelianenko

Aleksander Emelianenko, Fedor's brother, has one of the wildest tattoos in the MMA world. This dude straight up has a baby holding a dagger that is clutched within the loving, skeletal arms of the Grim Reaper. Above that are flying bats that really tie the piece together. It reads, "Gott Mit Uns," which ironically translates to "God is with us."

If that's not enough MMA tattoo madness in general for you, how about another group of them?

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