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Justin Golightly

A rare afternoon UFC card took the spotlight from the usual, wild international MMA that populates our Saturdays. One of the highlights was a stoic Gunnar Nelson slapping on an impressive choke, but Tech-Krep FC wasn't going to take a backseat. Yaroslav Amosov, imbued with the warrior spirit of the late Kevin Randleman, slammed the snot out of his opponent and followed up with his own slick choke.

Even the ref looked surprised. This Amosov guy pulled off all his special moves in the first round and earned his 18th win. Immediately the memory conjures up Randleman's infamous slam on Fedor Emelianenko, only it was the crafty Fedor who got the submission victory that night. Amosov said not today, Diogo Cavalcanti. Not today, sir.

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