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Since the UFC likes to tout itself for being "as real as it gets," it shouldn't be a surprise that many on the promotion's roster have taken the plunge into reality television over the years.

Some of the sports biggest name have caught the reality TV bug, and we're not talking about throwing down on The Ultimate Fighter. From dancing with the stars to working with celebrity matchmakers, mixed martial artists has shown up on all sorts of series, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down (thanks ).

Here are a few MMA notables who've shown up on reality TV.

Paige VanZant

The strawweight phenom is arguably one of the most successful MMA stars to try her hand at unscripted TV. Not only did she come in second place on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, but she also beat out other stars to become a champion on Food Network's Chopped. If the whole fighting thing doesn't pan out, at least we know she'll have a future career dancing (or making) salsa.

Jason Miller

One of the first MMA stars to take over reality TV, Jason "Mayhem" Miller became a fan favorite for his classic MTV series Bully Beatdown. As the host, Miller had some of his fight pals like Eddie Alvarez and Daniel Cormier give bullies their comeuppance. Unfortunately, the former UFC and Strikeforce star's life away from the cameras hasn't been as glamorous.

Chael Sonnen

The Gangster from West Lynn's life is pretty much a reality show, whether he's in the ring or in the board room. Chael Sonnen made a splash most recently on The New Celebrity Apprentice, however, he was eliminated for allegedly cheating.

Tito Ortiz

Like Sonnen, his rival Tito Ortiz also had a stint on The Celebrity Apprentice when it was still under the machinations of some guy named Donald Trump. While the former host and Hall of Famer has gone onto life in the Oval Office, Ortiz is still picking fights with MMA's elder statesmen.

Felice Herrig

The UFC star isn't just a ninja in the Octagon, but also on the obstacle course. Felice Herrig brought her martial arts moves to American Ninja Warrior in 2016. While she didn't make it to the finals, she did show heart and a lot of skill.

Chuck Liddell

Thought VanZant was the only UFC star to try out as a dancer? The Iceman famously appeared on Dancing with the Stars back in the day for season 9. Unfortunately, Chuck Liddell was axed from the show just four weeks in. Maybe stick to fighting.

Randy Couture

Yup, Randy Couture has gone footloose as well. Despite his Rocky-style moves, the former UFC champ was also eliminated from the series before reaching the finals.

Luke Rockhold

Former middleweight champ Luke Rockhold tried to find love on Millionaire Matchmaker. Let's just say it didn't go so well...

Matt Schnell

Matt Schnell's road to the Octagon didn't begin on TUF, it actually started with MTV's short-lived docu-series Caged. Fast forward a few years, and Schnell's finally living his dream, although he is riding a two-fight losing streak.

Josh Thomson

The UFC/Strikeforce/Bellator alum also once tried to find love through a TV show. While it didn't exactly pan out, Josh Thomson's Blind Date appearance was pretty hilarious.

Tim Sylvia

Of course, only Tim Sylvia could top Thomson in the Blind Date hijinks arena.

Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey's has a bit of reality TV experience as well, having competed on Donald Trump's other show, The Ultimate Merger. He appeared on the second and final season of the show, starring supermodel Toccara.


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