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Justin Golightly

Remember the time when you used to wake up early as a child, ran to the TV just as dawn broke, and watched your favorite Saturday morning cartoons? As MMA fans, this is what you should be doing with obscure, foreign fight organizations because you could miss some insane stuff. I understand some of you may lack the time or energy, which is where we come in. Dmitry Shestakov just spinning hook kicked a guy into the dark lands at Absolute Championship Berkut 53, and it's something you must watch.

There hasn't been a spinning kick KO like this since Edson Barboza took off Terry Etim's head.

It's like a magic eye painting. You can keep watching it over and over, eventually new things will start to appear. Shestakov even left the ground on the kick, technically making it a flying technique. As the broadcast team pointed out, huge props for the ref getting an all-time rushing yard record to make sure his opponent didn't take any extra damage.


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