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Jason Nawara

The rolling non-release German suplex is a unicorn maneuver in pro wrestling. Mostly because it's damn hard to pull off. It takes strength and timing from both participants in order to look right, and the rag dolling is tough on both people involved. Chris Benoit was an early purveyor of the move, and you see it from time to time in the WWE, but rarely do you see a german suplex in MMA. We rightfully freaked out when Michael Chandler sent Ben Henderson flying via the Germanic throw in Bellator, but now we're seeing an actual non-release suplex in MMA, and it's beautiful. Just... Beautiful.

Look at this right now and love it:

Our buddies over at MiddleEasy linked up with multi-tweet of the week winner Mike Jackson to bask in the glory of this non-stop train to Suplex City.

The raw strength required to throw a pro martial artist around the cage like that is unreal. I've been watching MMA for 20 years and I've never seen anything like that, and may never see anything like it again.


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