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Justin Golightly

This RIZIN card was all about beautiful violence and the glory of a superior but controversial rule set. The UFC had a brutal women's fight in Kansas City, but RIZIN had four and they all required typing the fire emoji — or maybe that blue-faced shocked face. Compare inter-organization skills all you want, the main difference is being able to straight up stomp on someone's head.

Look at RENA stomping on Dora Perjes like she was killing a swarm of spiders. It's the perfect amalgam of elegance and brutality. You can't look away. If the stomps weren't enough, you don't see that many body shots that are better than the one she landed. It almost looked like the beginning of a Diaz "I got you on the cage MFer" flurry, but all it took was one shoveled right into the liver.

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