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Justin Golightly

If you were one of the fight fans praying to the MMA gods to bring violence back into your life, they listened. UFC, Bellator, and Bellator Kickboxing are all on the same day and that's not even counting the countless regional promotions putting on chaos. If you want to go ahead and get your Sunday hangover out of the way a day early, you need to check out this brain-busting knee from Reign Fighting 3.

That deserved a John Stamos GIF. The knee sounded like Catwoman's whip in Batman Returns. The horrible thing is that Ryan Gray caught Garret Gross with another knee on the way down, then started pounding his face in. If this doesn't create a pre-beer headache, then I don't know what will. Good thing hangovers are like the Chicken Pox, once you get it once you can get it again. Ok, that's not true. Please drink responsibly, MMA fans.


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