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Justin Golightly

Violence goes down on the weekend whether the UFC is around or not. If warrior women at Invicta aren't tying each other into pretzels, any number of obscure organizations are bound to be doing something wild. This guy at Pro FC 62 just about knocked his opponent's block off with a solid spinning backfist — it probably could have been — but it wasn't stopped there.

Artur Alibulatov had him out of his feet and stumbling around like a newborn giraffe, but he wasn't quite sleeping yet. Naturally, Alibulatov rushed him with bunches of punches until he simultaneously fell as the corner threw in the towel. If that taste wasn't enough for you, the whole thing is still going on live right now. Just in case your don't have time for a full fight card though, there's always a spinning backfist compilation.


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