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told Mateusz Gamrot that he’d give him the fight of his life, and he wasn’t lying.

The Northern Irishman stepped into the PGE Narodowy Arena last evening for KSW 39: Colosseum with 58,000 Polish fans breathing down his back. The champion, , was the favourite with the bookmakers, but as early as the first round it was obvious that the undefeated Pole wasn’t going to have it all his way.

It took only a matter of seconds for the two to clinch up against the cage and after brief struggle, it fast became apparent that the two were equally matched strength-for-strength. Regardless, Gamrot settled to his task the quicker of the two fighters and he landed some nice one-two combos and a headkick that Parke ate well.

Gamrot got Parke down late in the round, but his success was short lived and the challenger was back on his feet and landing shots before the bell sounded for the end of the first five minutes.

The second round was bizarre to say the least. Gamrot seemed to come out more cautious in his approach and unlike the first round, he started to shoot for his takedowns without setting them up with his strikes. With two and a half minutes on the clock, the craziness started as Gamrot shot for a takedown and Parke stuffed him and clasped his hands on his chin with legs sprawled out.

After a few seconds in the position, Parke yelled out in pain and shouted at the referee. After a scramble, the referee paused the fight and Parke pushed Gamrot in the chest with a look of fury on his face. The replays appear to show that Gamrot bit on one of Parke's fingers—KSW owner Martin Lewandowski jumped in the cage to calm Parke down and after a brief further pause, the action was restarted.

The rest of the fight saw the action find a familiar pattern—Parke marching forward, teeing off shots and Gamrot firing back with the odd nice counter and having his takedowns stuffed. In the final round, both fighters landed some nice blows, but Parke seem to have the edge volume wise and was the fighter pushing the pace.

The find ended after fifteen tight minutes and it was left to the judges. Those online were seemingly split in their opinion, but all three judges awarded the bout to Gamrot who moved his record to 13-0.

Mateusz Gamrot is still the lightweight champion, but Norman Parke gave him a helluva fight.


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