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Amy Kaplan

When Iowan wrestler Amed Castro-Chavez heard that his opponent had passed away shortly before their scheduled match, he knew he wanted to do something to honor the high school rival and chose to do so in a very public (and selfless way).

His competition, 18-year-old Austin Roberts, collapsed on the mat at another meet just a month prior. The school was unable to find a replacement to face Castro-Chavez in the 220-pound division which meant that he would win by forfeiture.

He wasn't going to let that happen.

When it came time for his match, he was expected to walk on and accept the win, giving his team six extra points. Instead, Castro-Chavez walked across the mats to his would-be opponent's mother, thus forfeiting the win to Roberts according to

This act of sportsmanship earned Castro-Chavez the Des Moines Register's first All-Iowa Athlete of the Year award.


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