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In the world of mixed martial arts, every knockout is truly its own, unique, unconsciousness-inducing snowflake. From time to time, however, we are gifted a KO that truly defies the odds, our expectations, or even the common laws of physics. That's what the 'Insane KO of the Day' is all about.

Today's knockout: Derrick Mehmen vs. Rolles Gracie

He may share a last name with the most famous family in fighting, but it would be safe to say that the MMA career of Rolles Gracie Jr. has seen more downs than it has ups. The first down came in February of 2010, when Rolles became the first Gracie since Royce to step foot in the Octagon...and suffered a one-sided routing at the hands of Joey Beltran in what would be his only appearance.

Three years later, Rolles would step into the bigtime once again at WSOF's fifth event. Having collected wins over Bob Sapp (lol) and Tony Bonello, Rolles emerged as a moderate favorite over Derrick Mehmen, and even more surprisingly, managed to box the hell out of the unknown brawler throughout the first round.

But then, this happened.

In a sequence so bizarre that it needs to be seen to be believed, Mehman landed a looping overhand right on Gracie midway through the second round that literally put him out on his feet.

But unlike most fighters, Gracie's unconscious body opted to try and walk off the shot rather than just collapse right then and there.

And thus, MMA's first 'Flair Flop' was born.


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