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Justin Golightly

The UFC returns to swingin' bungalows on the one true night of battle tomorrow, but that doesn't stop the Friday regional violence. Legacy Fighting Alliance is back after stanky leg knockouts and hematoma elbows to bring us hilarious helicopter backfists. Stay tuned though, ladies and gentlemen, because this guy redeems his sloppy self by getting an awesome submission victory at LFA 8.

Spin it!

Bop it!

Tap it!

Like a Bop It commercial for mid-nineties, Joe Elmore twisted, smacked, and punched for three rounds. He spun around for multiple clumsy attacks that never came close to Ryan Jett. The internet got their jokes ready, the people in attendance texted their friends, but you can never write a dude off. In the last round, Elmore scrambled until he latched onto a limb and submitted Jett with a kneebar. As a good rule of thumb, just always give a guy who looks like Chuck Liddell the benefit of the doubt.


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