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Justin Golightly

If you're not on the Legacy Fighting Alliance hype train, there's nothing more we can tell you. We're not mad, we're just disappointed. Hey, if you don't want to enjoy hematoma elbows, stanky-leg knockouts, and probably the best headkick of 2017, that's your business. On the other hand, we've been sold since their first card we haven't been let down yet. Tonight at LFA 10, both of these dudes punched each other out went right to WWE-style slams right after they gained consciousness.

Maikel Perez and Adam Martinez both drop each other like a ton of bricks, but then they just jump right back up. Most assuredly still wonky from the punch, Perez climbed on top of Martinez only to get Samoan Dropped! Bah gawd! This was all in the first round, folks. LFA should just go ahead and release this fight for free, or else we're going to see if we can find it on the WWE Network.


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