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In the world of mixed martial arts, every knockout is truly its own, unique, unconsciousness-inducing snowflake. From time to time, however, we are gifted a KO that truly defies the odds, our expectations, or even the common laws of physics. That's what the 'Insane KO of the Day' is all about.

Today's KO: "The Poster Boy" Plasters "OSP"

headliner Jimi "Poster Boy" Manuwa is a bad, bad man. In fact, he's probably one of the most dangerous fighters in the UFC that you might not know about by now, having scored 14 of his 16 wins as a professional by way of (T)KO.

After having his own lights shut out by Anthony Johnson – possibly the only man at 205 who hits harder than Manuwa – back at UFC 191, however, the British knockout artist was paired with fellow top contender Ovince Saint Preux at UFC 204 last October. Despite being a slight underdog heading into the fight, Manuwa was able to find a comfortable rhythm as the fight progressed, slowly wearing "OSP" down with heavy body shots and leg kicks before eventually scoring the most brutal KO of his UFC career.

We've gone ahead and queued up the above video (which comes courtesy of the UFC's Youtube channel) to a good 30 seconds before the KO in case you want to watch the whole fight, but once it happens, good Lord is it a sight to behold. After landing a pinpoint accurate counter right hand, Manuwa unloads a short left hook that forces OSP to go full Cro Cop, collapsing under his own weight along the fence and forcing referee Leon Roberts to make the save.

For clarity, THIS is what "full Cro Cop" means.

Now if you'll excuse us, we'll just be stepping outside for a moment to vomit uncontrollably into a bush.

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