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In the world of mixed martial arts, every knockout is truly its own, unique, unconsciousness-inducing snowflake. From time to time, however, we are gifted a KO that truly defies the odds, our expectations, or even the common laws of physics. That's what the 'Insane KO of the Day' is all about.

Today's KO: An Extremely Rare Rolling Thunder Kick

Sometimes, fighter's have an ace in their pocket to pull out just in case. Other times, maybe they just want to pull off cool stuff. For Marius Zaromskis at Rumble of the Kings back in 2011, it had to be a little bit of both. No way a dude pulls off something as bonkers as somersault axe kick, and actually lands on their opponent perfectly the first time. This is something that has to have been practiced. If anyone has footage of Zaromskis actually training this technique, let us know because that footage is priceless and could've used it at .

See? Even one of the biggest legends in the sport of MMA looked goofy trying to pull off the wild technique. That's why Zaromskis' landed at number seven on our top ten craziest kicks compilation last year. We know knockouts are like Pringles — once you pop, you don't stop — that's why we have another flawless rolling thunder kick.

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