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Justin Golightly

How much do shorts weigh? What about Johny Hendricks' big, scruffy beard? You'd think it wouldn't matter that much at all, but the mathematics sure check out. Just ask Jenny Liou about the difference a few follicles make. She was in danger of missing weight for tomorrow's Invicta FC 21 card, so she got an emergency chop in order to literally "cut" the last few ounces.

The great news is; it worked! Newly "Furiousa-ed" Jenny Liou will fight Andrea Lee, Saturday at 8PM ET. Mad respect to Liou! Fans have no excuse to miss this Invicta show because Fight Pass is FREE right now for non-subscribers, so make sure to tune in to the prelims on Sunday as well.



Watch the whole weigh-in video below.


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