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Justin Golightly

The last time we checked in on World Fighting Championship Akhmat, some guy got Conor McGregor-ed in TURTEEN seconds. Well, evidently just plain old punches weren't good enough. Said Nurmagomedov just took things to whole new level by stringing together some vicious knees in the clinch, then transitioning straight into a guillotine choke.

The Key to Any MMA Fight is Diversification

Nurmagomedov confused his opponent's brain, not just by kneeing him in the skull three times, but by varying his attacks. It was so clean, he nearly did it all in one fluid motion. There needs to be more combinations like this in MMA. After all, isn't that what this sport was founded on? Be water, my friends. Flow from one style to the next. Karate chop with one hand, then Stockton Slap with the next.


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