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Justin Golightly

If you want spinning elbow knockouts, then you've come to the right place. We've got them in all flavors: Triplet Tazmanian Devil elbows, peak-a-boo elbows, and faceplant spinning elbow attacks. For this next elbow in our quest to collect them all, you may want to play close attention. Aside from Matt Jones' opponent falling down and spewing blood, you may miss this strike because it's crazy quick.

Mercy of God. Jones twisted at hyperspeed and nailed Carson Frei with an extremely tight, spinning back elbow. No way that Frei could have seen that coming, because we barely did. Unfortunately, Frei also took a pretty egregious late hit shades of Dan Henderson's bomb on Michael Bisping. We hope that he's ok, now Jones just needs to get tested for rocket fuel metabolites.


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