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Amy Kaplan

Last night, while everyone was out celebrating St. Patrick's Day, a regional promotion in Grand Rapids, MI hosted KnockOut Promotions KOP 54 and had one hell of a highlight reel fight — only it isn't really what you might think.

Ryse Brink and Joseph Nehm met inside the cage in what would become a stunning KO for Brink. Unfortunately, Nehm was so out of it that he mistook the referee for his opponent AND KEPT FIGHTING.

Watch this clip (with the sound off IMO) to see what happens next.

While Brink was off celebrating his win, Nehm took control of the referee by taking his back and then rolling him over to submit him via a rear-naked choke. It took Nehm's cornermen (three of them) and an additional man to pry him off the poor unsuspecting ref.

The aftermath of the KO overshadowed the fact that Brink finished the fight in just :10 seconds.

How's that for one hell of a highlight reel?


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