ByDanielle Taylor, writer at
UFC Fighter | 2x KOTC Strawweight Champion
Danielle Taylor

So many fighters devote their entire lives to fighting, and that's amazing for them, but that isn't good enough for me. I love law enforcement, and if it wasn't for my job, I might never have found that I loved MMA as well.

I currently work as a custody assistant for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, and I also compete in the UFC strawweight division.

Many people doubt that I can be successful at both things — but that doubt is what drives me to prove them wrong.

I can be the best at my job, and eventually fight for the UFC belt; people who believe no one can be good at both just drives me to train harder.

I found MMA when I began my career. Eventually, learning to protect myself developed into more, and I won the King of the Cage strawweight championship before signing with the UFC.

Now I'm heading for the UFC gold too.

I will be facing Jessica Penne at this week. It will be my biggest test in the UFC thus far, and coming off of a win against Seohee Ham, I'm feeling good.

Luckily, I don't have to worry about the weight cut because I fight pretty close to my natural weight. But that doesn't mean I haven't had other struggles in my fight career.

When I was champion, I had opponents backing out, left and right. Often, I had to go into fights with little or no notice of who my opponent might be.

Fortunately, I've had a full camp to prepare for Jessica, and I'm climbing the ladder to success both inside, and out, of the Octagon.


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