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Jason Nawara

For the uninitiated, Super Fight League is kind of the Indian version of the IFL. If you don't remember the IFL with Bas Rutten, Ken Shamrock and a massive amount of MMA stars, it was team MMA. Basically, teams trained together, like the Los Angeles Anacondas, then competed with other teams around the country like a "regular" sport. It was cool, and now Super Fight League is like the IFL of South Asia. They even have the team jackets to prove it.

Since the fight game has only started to boom in India, the quality of the fighters have been up and down. This can lead to two things: super boring fights, or super awesome fights in the super fight league. This is the latter. It's absolute insanity.

Without further ado, here is the slipping and sliding Jason Solomon somehow, some way surviving against Amit Kumar and getting the win.

These highlights are just insane. It's almost a worked shoot...

Multiple knockdowns in one round lead to an exhausted Kumar, who gives up his back for some reason and is quickly subbed. What a wild fight. This is a good example of the weird stuff you can find in the MMA world on Friday and Saturday mornings. Thanks, Caposa!


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