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Justin Golightly

It seems like Charles "Don't Call Me Krazy Horse, I'm Felony Now" Bennett has been fighting every single weekend since his passport fiasco with RIZIN. Unfortunately, the wildman from a begone era hasn't had much luck as you can tell from this choke. None of the losses were as bad as this one thought at Martialism Square (MAS). He got straight body kicked out of the ring and then knocked out with a knee.

That was painful to watch, but what are you going to do, tell Bennett to hang it up? Even if he suffers 100 losses, nostalgic and loyal fight fans are still going to watch Felony fight. He's unpredictable. There's no way to know if he'll have an epic fail, or if he'll jump off the top ropes and land a drop kick. It looked like he may have broken his hand falling out of the ring, but that's nothing Mountain Dew and rest won't fix. Godspeed, Charles Bennett, we still love you.


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